ASTM A623 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil for Cans, Ornament

ASTM A623 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil for Cans, Ornament


ASTM A623 Tin Plated

Brief Introduction

ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel is a low carbon steel sheet (base metal), coated on both sides with a thin layer of tin, throughout on electrolytic process. Since the tin firmly adheres to the base metal, ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel may be press molded, stamped, drawn or bent and shaped into complex forms without the tin coating peeling off. Thus,ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel has a beautiful, metallic luster as well as excellent properties in corrosion resistance and paint-ability.

Tinplate Specification

1. Available Thickness: 0.15-0.5mm

2. Thickness Tolerance: 0.006mm

3. Available Width: 300-980mm

4. Width Tolerance: 0-1mm

5. Inner Diameter: 420 & 508mm

6. Weight of Electrolytic Tinplate Coil: 3-10MT

7. Available Temper Grade: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, DR8, DR9

Tinplate Application

1. Majorly used for packaging foodstuffs and beverages.

2. Used in containers for oils, grease, paints, polishes, chemicals and many other products. 

3. Aerosol containers and caps and closures are also made from ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel.

4. Electrodes, Cable tape, Magnetic screen covers, etc.

5. Automotive oil filters, Automotive air filters, Gaskets, etc.

6. Gas meter internal components, Heat exchangers, cookware, shelving, etc.

Superiority (Why choose tinplate for metal packaging?)

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance by selecting a proper coating weight, appropriate corrosion resistance is obtained against container contents.

2. Excellent Paintability & Printability Printing is beautifully finished using various lacquers and inks. 

3. Excellent Solderability & Weldability ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel is widely used for making various types of cans by soldering or welding.

4. Excellent Formability & Strength by selecting a proper temper grade, appropriate formability is obtained for various applications as well as the required strength after forming.

5. Beautiful Appearance ASTM A623 Tin Plated Steel is characterized by its beautiful metallic luster. Products with various kinds of surface roughness are produced by selecting the surface finish of the substrate steel sheet.

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