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Wire To Meet Product Safety Requirements
Sep 11, 2017

The characteristics of wire

First, wire production, inspection and implementation of enterprise internal control standards, the product diameter, insulating layer thickness, copper conductor wire core diameter, such as strict control, DC resistance, insulation eccentric core, product diameter, insulation resistance and other indicators are higher than the national standard.

Second, the conductor with copper content of 99.99% high-quality electrical copper, high conductivity, small resistance, less heat in the use process, less power loss; Wires the insulation material adopts nanometer grade high quality cable material, its mechanical physical properties and electrical properties are better than the relevant national standards. To the maximum extent to meet the product safety, energy saving, environmental protection requirements.

Third, BvR conductor Core rejected the use of high yield beam process, Wires adhere to the use of relatively low process efficiency, high quality of the twisted process, product installation process will not appear back and end loose phenomenon, easy to use.

Four, the use of the world's most advanced computer-controlled automatic extrusion production lines, temperature control, production speed, product diameter, etc. are automatic control, fast, high precision. Wires To ensure that insulation thickness and eccentric core are in line with our internal control standards, higher than the corresponding national standards requirements.

Five, The wire from the industrial product positioning in consumer goods, the implementation of the differentiation strategy, Wires BV wire with zero-section packaging sales.

Wiring principle

1 wire spacing to 30-50 centimeters, more can not wear in the same root tube. Because strong electricity will cause interference to the television, the telephone or the network signal;

2 The total cross-section area of the conductor is less than 40% of the section area of the protective tube, for example, the maximum of 4 2.5 square lines in 20 tubes;

3 long-distance line tube as far as possible with the whole tube, Wires if you do need to connect, the short pipe connection should use a special joint, and adhesive good;

4 temporarily exposed to the surface of the line tube should be immediately protected to prevent cracking, the impact of subsequent overhaul;

5 when the wiring length surpasses 15 meters or the middle has more than 2 bends, should install the junction box in the middle, too many bends will lead to the piercing tube is not easy;

6, under normal circumstances, the wire line and heating, Wires gas pipelines are 40 centimeters apart;

7 in general, air-conditioning outlets installed from the ground more than 2 meters;

8 No special requirements, the socket should be installed from the ground 30 cm height;

9 face switch, socket panel, should be left 0 lines, right firewire;

10 home renovation, the wiring can only be connected with the head, the joint is used to press, must be strong and strong, the line to be good, Wires to be immediately covered with insulating tape;

11 in the renovation process, the line of fire, 0 lines, the color of the ground should be strictly differentiated, any time, color can not be mixed;

12 different areas of lighting, sockets, air-conditioning, water heaters and other circuits should be divided into separate wiring, in order to overhaul;

13 should be with the construction party to obtain the circuit layout and properly preserved, Wires in case of future overhaul or alteration of the wall and other acts to destroy the line.

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