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There Are More Types Of Wires
Jul 27, 2017

We can see the presence of wires in our lives, or in our heads electric wire is for us to supply a material, so we at home when we want to have electricity to install the wire, but different places to use the wire model is not the same, so we need to know before the purchase of wire model Daquan and use what? About the wire model Daquan and the use of which are described below:

Wire Model Daquan:

The type of wire is relatively large, many people for a variety of models is not very understanding, so can only simple understanding of the model, because the model is more, Wires we are here to say some of the more important, wire model Daquan introduced as follows:

bv– copper Conductor PVC Insulated cable (WIRE)

bvr– copper Conductor PVC insulated soft cable (WIRE)

bvv– copper Conductor PVC Insulated PVC sheathed round cable (WIRE)

bvvb– copper Conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat type cable (WIRE)

bv-105– copper core heat-resistant 105 degree PVC insulated wire

BV-ZR Copper-core flame retardant PVC insulated Wire

BVR-ZR Copper-core flame retardant PVC insulated Flexible wire

BVV-ZR Copper Core flame-Retardant PVC insulated PVC sheathed round Cable

BVVB-ZR Copper-core flame retardant PVC insulated PVC sheathed Flat Type cable

bv-zr-105 copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ flame retardant PVC insulated Wire

bvr-zr-105 copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ flame Retardant vinyl chloride insulated PVC sheathed round soft Cable

bvv-zr-105 copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ flame retardant PVC sheathed round Cable

av-zr-105 copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ flame retardant PVC Insulated installation wire

avr-zr-105 copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ flame retardant PVC insulated installation soft wire

AV-ZR Copper Core Flame retardant PVC insulated installation wire AV-ZR copper core flame-Retardant PVC insulated installation Flexible wire

rvb– copper conductor PVC insulated flat type connection soft wire

rvs– copper conductor PVC insulated stranded flexible cable

rvv– copper Conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed Flat type connection soft cable (WIRE)

What is the purpose of the wire?

Even if we do not know the purpose of so many wires, but the basic use we know, Wires we leave the wire there is no electricity, so the wire for us is very important, together to understand what the purpose of the wire is?

1, the use of electric wire-power system electric power system used in the wire products are mainly overhead bare wires, busbar (bus), power cable (plastic cable, oil-paper power cable (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sheath cable, aerial insulated cable), branch cable (replace part bus), Wires electromagnetic wire and electric power equipment electrical wiring, etc.

2, the use of wire-information transmission system for the information transmission system of the main wires are local cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber cable, data cable, electromagnetic wire, Wires power communication or other composite cable.

3, the use of electric wire-mechanical equipment, instrumentation system This part in addition to the bare wires outside almost all other products have applications, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic wire, data cables, instrumentation cables and so on.

Wire use characteristics and importance:

1, the wire is a large-scale, use in all areas of a large category of products involved in industrial production, transportation, national Defense research, modern agriculture,

2, wire products is any one of the necessary ancillary products

High temperature radiation resistance of high-voltage high frequency transmission network system

3. The importance of safe and reliable operation of wire products

The higher the cable grade is, Wires the greater the loss of the cable line.

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