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The Steel Pipe Must Pay Attention When Storing
Oct 17, 2017

Steel tube, as the name implies, is made of steel pipe, commonly used A3 steel, suitable for conveying water, compressed gas, condensed water and other media and used as heating pipe.

Steel pipe According to its cross-section has no seams into two categories, namely seamless steel tube and steel pipe (with seam). Seamless。 Made from the whole piece of metal, Steel Pipe no seams on the section, is a solid billet perforated after rolling or cold drawn. According to the production method, seamless tube is divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold rolling pipe, cold drawn pipe, extruded pipe, top tube, etc. According to the section shape, seamless steel tube is divided into round and abnormity two kinds.

The specification of a steel tube is indicated by its dimensions (such as outside diameter or side length) and inside diameter and wall thickness, Steel Pipe ranging in size from a small capillary tube to a large steel pipe with a diameter of several meters. Steel pipe According to the production method can be divided into: (1) seamless steel pipe (diameter 0.3~650mm, wall thickness 0.05~75mm), such as hot-rolled pipe, cold rolling pipe, cold-drawn pipe, extruded pipe, etc. (2) steel pipe (diameter 5~4200mm, wall thickness 0.5~25mm), according to the Weld is divided into two kinds of straight seam welded pipe and spiral welding pipe. According to the production method is divided into furnace welded pipe, resistance welded pipe, arc welded pipe.

A metal tube with carbon content less than 2% of the iron-carbon alloy steel ingot or billet rolled, rolled or fused.

In the pipeline project use, Steel Pipe generally does not use the thin-walled steel tube, the general ordinary tube withstands the pressure in 2MPa, but the thickened tube should be able to withstand 3 MPa pressure. Steel pipe material is soft, easy to cut and thread processing, welding performance is good. However, galvanized steel pipe because of the corrosion of zinc peel in the welding site, Steel Pipe it is generally not recommended to use welding connection. The weight of the steel pipe is the theoretical weight of the galvanized steel pipe and the theoretical weight of the galvanized steel pipe, which still needs to be increased by 3% 6%.

For steel pipes, quality inspection shall be conducted in accordance with current national or ministerial standards. In addition to their materials, models, specifications should be in line with the design requirements, but also to check their appearance quality. The inspection items include defects such as crack, slag, folding, heavy skin, and the degree of corrosion sag. Thread-connected pipe also need to check the thread sealing surface and thread roughness and smoothness, for galvanized steel pipe should pay attention to whether the zinc peel off.

Steel pipe in storage must pay attention to, can not be simply placed in the outdoor, but should be stored in the room, at least to be stored in the shed, to avoid sun and rain, Steel Pipe and not directly on the wet ground, to prevent serious corrosion. Pipe end with threaded pipe, both ends need to be with a hoop or pipe cap to protect the thread from damage.

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