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The Coupler Has An Anti-jamming Function
Aug 09, 2017

Coupler with small size, long life, anti-interference and non-contact, input and output in the electrical isolation and so on.

For example, direct rectifier circuit (such as color TV), which is powered by mains, will make the "chassis" live. If the optocoupler is used, it can make some of the weak circuits behind it, from the "chassis" with strong power, The electrical signals can also be linked together by light.

Coupler is a kind of electric-to-electrical conversion device that transmits electrical signals based on light. It consists of two parts: the light source and the receiver. Coupler The light source and the light receiver are assembled in the same enclosed case and are separated from each other by a transparent insulator. The source of the light source is the input terminal, the pin of the receiver is the output end. Coupler The common light source is the light emitting diode, the photodiode is the photodiode, the phototransistor and so on.

The main feature of the coupler is the use of light to do the coupling medium to transmit electrical signals. The coupler is a light emitting device (visible light emitting diode or infrared light emitting diode) and a photosensitive device (photodiode or phototransistor), Coupler while encapsulated in a shell. When the light-emitting diode power to send light, the photosensitive tube (photosensitive device) to receive light after the control current can be generated from the output output.

Coupler types are more common common photodiode type, photoelectric transistor type, photoresistor type, light control thyristor type, Coupler photoelectric Darlington type, integrated circuit type. (Shape a metal round shell package, plastic double row, etc.).

The important indicators of the coupler are coupling degree and insertion loss. The coupling is the ratio of the power of the coupled port to the input port, expressed in dB, which is generally negative. The greater the absolute value of the coupling, the less the amount of thing taken away, Coupler the less the loss of the natural coupler. Insertion loss is the ratio of the output port to the power of the input port. The greater the absolute value of the coupling, the smaller the absolute value of the insertion loss.

The coupler divides the power into portions, which are named after the size of the coupling port. For example, the 6dB coupler is the coupling port attenuation of 6dB, 10dB coupler coupling port attenuation of 10dB. Its straight port attenuation by the size of the coupler. For example, 6dB coupler port attenuation is about 1.5dB, 10dB coupler port attenuation of 0.8 or so. Commonly used couplers are 5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, 25dB, 30dB, etc., and its straight port attenuation are not the same.

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