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The Coupler Has A Long Service Life
Sep 20, 2017

Coupler called optical isolator, referred to as optocoupler. It consists of three parts, namely, light reception, light transmission and signal amplification. Its working principle is simply composed of two parts, the first light-emitting diode in series, until the signal line, when the outside of the signal comes in, the light of the diode can be the signal into a light signal, Coupler And then send them to the outside. Followed by the photodiode is connected in series, until the control line above, its optical signal will make the light-emitting diode conduction. Through such a simple two steps to achieve the external input and internal input signal of the electrical isolation! Coupler it has a strong anti-interference, long life, small size and so on the characteristics and advantages.

The device that connects the drive device and the axis of the driven device is called a coupler. There is a fixed speed of the coupler, Coupler the motor shaft and the device axis connected, there are variable, you can through the coupler to change the speed of the motor and then transmitted to the equipment, such as hydraulic couplers.

The role of the coupler is to couple the input optical signal and the pump light into the erbium-doped fiber, and the energy of the pump light is transferred to the input optical signal by the erbium-doped optical fiber to realize the energy amplification of the input optical signal.

The main function of the coupler is to divide the power into part, which is named after the size of the coupling port.


In the microwave system, often need to be a way of microwave power in proportion to a few road, which is the power distribution problem. Components that implement this function are called power distribution components, couplers, which include: directional couplers, power dividers, Coupler and various microwave branch devices.

Coupler is a kind of electric-to-electrical conversion device that transmits electrical signals based on light. It consists of two parts: the light source and the receiver. The light source and the light receiver are assembled in the same closed case and are separated from each other by a transparent insulator. Coupler The source of the light source is the input terminal, the pin of the receiver is the output terminal. The common light source is the light emitting diode, the photodiode is the photodiode, the phototransistor and so on. Coupler types are more common common photodiode type, photoelectric transistor type, photoresistor type, light control thyristor type, Coupler photoelectric Darlington type, integrated circuit type.

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