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Strong Steel Pipe Firmness
Jul 17, 2017

The pipe is durable

The chemical stability of steel, will be cold, heat, pressure, corrosion resistance and fire resistance and other characteristics rolled into one, can be used in different environments for a long time. The service life of the pipe can be as long as the life of the building, or even longer.

The pipe is safe and reliable

Steel pipe set metal pipe and non-metallic pipe in one of the advantages. It is harder than plastic pipe, with the general strength of the metal it is easier than the general metal bending, toughness and high ductility, with excellent anti-vibration, impact resistance and frost resistance. The steel pipe can withstand very cold and extremely hot temperatures, from -196 degrees to 250 degrees for a wide range of applications, Steel Pipe and adapt to the temperature changes (- high temperature - low temperature - high temperature -), the use of performance will not be due to long-term use and temperature changes Reduce, will not produce aging phenomenon. This is the ordinary pipe can not and. The linear expansion coefficient of the steel pipe is very small, is plastic pipe 1/10, can be anti-fatigue. In the temperature of the steel pipe will not produce excessive thermal expansion and contraction caused by stress fatigue fracture. These features make copper tubes in cold areas of the application of great advantages. In the cold area, the temperature difference is large in the morning and evening, and the linear expansion coefficient of the ordinary pipe is large and the strength is low, and the stress fatigue cracking caused by the thermal expansion and contraction is very easy. Steel Pipe Some known as -20 degrees is not brittle, but in fact can not bear the work pressure, and the service life is very short, do not have practical significance, although you can use insulation measures, but in the transport, storage and installation process encountered low temperature is difficult to avoid, The performance at -183 degrees is the same at room temperature.

Steel pipe health

Plastic contains "plasticizer" and other chemical additives, will change with time and temperature changes, resulting in plastic hardening and embrittlement. Steel pipe is no plastic pipe of various modifiers, additives, additives and other chemical composition. Biological studies have shown that E. coli in water supply can no longer continue to multiply in steel pipelines; more than 99% of the water bacteria are completely killed after 5 hours into the copper pipeline. Steel pipe structure is extremely dense, with impermeability. Steel Pipe Whether it is oil, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet light and other harmful substances can not pass through it and pollute the water quality. In addition, the steel pipe does not contain chemical addition of ingredients, will not burn the release of toxic gases to people suffocate. The recycling of steel is conducive to environmental protection, Steel Pipe is the sustainable development of green building materials.

Strong connection of steel pipe

There are many kinds of pipe on the market, the interface fittings are mostly steel, even if some pipe parts can not use steel parts, it is in the interface with the faucet or have a steel parts. However, if the pipe fittings and other pipe connected, due to the different materials and pipe fittings, thermal expansion and contraction of the physical and mechanical properties vary widely, the connection of the natural degree of natural to be subject to additional challenges. Therefore, the steel pipe and steel fittings connected, Steel Pipe the firmness will be greatly enhanced.

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