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Stainless Steel Tube
Jan 17, 2017

Open at both ends and has a hollow section, and its length and cross-section circumference ratio of steel, can be called a pipe. When the length and cross section perimeter is small, can be called a pipe or tube-shaped parts, they all belong to the category of pipe products. More than 60 years, architects have been made of stainless steel to build cost-effective permanent buildings. Many of the existing buildings fully proved the correctness of such a choice. Some are very spectacular, such as the Chrysler building in New York City. But in many other applications, the role of stainless steel are not so noticeable, but in terms of aesthetics and performance of buildings has played an important role. For example, more wear-resistant than other metal of the same thickness of stainless steel and resistant to indentation, so when the construction of sidewalks in the mobility space, it is the ****** of designer materials. Stainless steel used for construction of a new building and structural materials used to repair historic monuments has been more than 70 years. Early designs was calculated in accordance with the basic principles. Today, design specifications, for example, the United States standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90 of the Institute of civil engineers "specification for cold-formed stainless steel structural design" NiDI and published jointly with the Euro Inox "design manual for structural stainless steel" has simplified the long service life, integrity, good structure for building design.

Stainless steel pipes by material into ordinary carbon steel pipe, high quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel tube, alloy tube, bearing steel tube, stainless steel pipe, and to save precious metals and to meet the special requirements of the metal pipe, coating and coated tubes. A wide variety of stainless steel pipe, different uses, different technical requirements, production methods are also different. The current production range of wall thickness of the pipe outside diameter range 0.1-4500mm, 0.01~250mm. In order to differentiate its characteristics, usually classify the pipe in the following ways.

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