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Spiral Tube Surface Treatment Methods
Jan 17, 2017

1, cleaning

Apply solvent, emulsion cleaning steel appearance, arrived to remove oil, grease, dirt, smoothing agents and similar organisms, but it cannot remove the appearance of steel rust, scale, welding, and preservative produced only as a help in tricks.

2, tool cleaning

Primary use of wire brushes and tools for grinding of steel appearance, to remove loose or tilt of the scale, rust, weld slag, etc. Hand tool cleaning to Sa2, power tool cleaning can reach the Sa3, steel surface attached to sturdy iron oxide skin, tool cleaning result is not satisfactory, the anchor pattern depth do not meet construction requirements.

3, pickling

General disposal of chemical and electrolytic pickling in two ways, pipeline corrosion using only chemical pickling, to remove scale, rust, paint, sometimes used as blasting Rust removal disposal. Chemical cleaning is to make appearances to reach certain cleanliness and rough, but the anchor pattern light and easy forming pollution.

4, spray (left) shoot derusting

Spray (throwing) shot except rust is after power motor led spray (throwing) shot leaves high-speed reverse, makes steel sand, and steel pills, and wire paragraph, and minerals, abrasive in centrifugal force effect Xia on pipe appearance for spray (throwing) shot disposal, not only can completely cleared rust, and oxide and dirt real, and pipe in abrasive fierce impact and mill wipe force of effect Xia, also can arrived by needs of average rough degrees.

Fuel injection (shot) shot after rust, can not only extend the pipe the appearance of physical adsorption and can enhance mechanical adhesion of the coating and pipe surface effect. Thus, fuel injection (left) shoot derusting is ideal for pipeline anticorrosion derusting. In General, blasting (sand) is mainly used for Rust removal disposal pipe appearance, shot blasting (sand) is mainly used for Rust removal pipe surface disposal.

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