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Scaffolding Tube Maintenance
Jun 20, 2017

Scaffolding tube maintenance: scaffolding construction is completed by the construction of the person in charge of the convening of technology, safety supervision, set up three groups of personnel, carrying a torque wrench, the appearance and test.

Scaffolding tube maintenance:

1 with the wall of the fastening and displacement reinforcement. On the impact of the construction site, the technical departments should be developed after the measures can be carried out shift change work, Scaffolding Pipe the operator shall not be allowed even the displacement of the wall pieces.

2 to observe the scaffolding overall or partial vertical deviation, in particular, observe the scaffolding four corners, open the two sides of the port, whether skewed, sinking. Scaffolding Pipe If there is a strange person, should immediately organize the staff to strengthen.

3 carefully check the mesh mesh banding is loose, the rope is broken, found in time to recover the loosened and found that the break in time to replace.

4 often check the pad of bamboo fence, Scaffolding Pipe timely repair broken ribs broken, fill the empty. And should also check the banding of the bamboo fence.

5 supervise the use of personnel stacked materials, so that it does not exceed the construction load. For the masonry of the scaffolding to pile as an example: standard brick single line three or less, Scaffolding Pipe porous brick single line below four.

6 clear the accumulation of materials in the scaffolding dangerous parts, masonry, concrete blocks and other debris.

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