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Scaffolding System For Safety Performance
Jul 17, 2017

Scaffolding system in the end what are the advantages of it?

1. Installation is safer and more efficient. Scaffolding pole made of Q345 grade steel, than the original Q235 grade steel has a higher strength, single pole bearing capacity is greater, up to 20 tons. Unique buckle design, enabling the realization of multi-directional connection between the various components to meet the various requirements of the installation of scaffolding. And scaffolding supporting the use of steel springboard is more than the traditional bamboo springboard with unmatched safety performance. And for the new button-type scaffolding tailor-made ladder is for the operating staff in case of emergency provides an emergency evacuation of the channel, Scaffolding System the maximum protection of the lives of workers safety. The same time as the above-

Installation is more efficient and self-evident. Because all the connections are made by the latch, the operator as long as a hammer can complete the solid connection between the components. The same time as the above-

Second, scaffolding system can be better cost savings, higher efficiency. Although the new type of scaffolding scaffolding system from the one-time purchase cost point of view, Scaffolding System than the ordinary shelf high, but in the long run, the actual annual cost of the average cost is much lower. Specific analysis from the following two aspects. The same time as the above-

The number of components. As the pole with Q345 grade steel, higher strength, the spacing between the components can be larger, up to 2 meters. This reduces the number of poles, Scaffolding System so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. The same time as the above-

2. use time. As the surface of the components are hot dip galvanized treatment, which has a longer durability, the use of up to 15 years or more, do not need regular maintenance, every 3-5 years can be a maintenance. While the general shelf life of the general use of only about 5-8 years, Scaffolding System and the need for 1-2 times a year maintenance. Obviously, the cost of maintenance of traditional scaffolding than the new button-type scaffold maintenance costs much higher.

3. Scaffolding system is conducive to the construction enterprises to enhance the overall image

The surface of the accessories are hot-dip galvanized, the color and specifications are unified, which can improve the overall image of the construction site of the construction enterprise. It is helpful to show the civilized construction of the construction site, which is beneficial to the construction enterprise. Scaffolding System The Through the above points, we can see that the new type of new button-type scaffolding development prospects are huge, is bound to replace the original traditional scaffolding, a building industry to become a beautiful landscape.

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