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Scaffold System Meets Construction Needs
Oct 17, 2017

The scaffolding system is so popular that it is determined by its performance characteristics.

First of all, the use of scaffolding system wide: Indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboards, bridges, building support, Viaduct ﹑ elevated road ﹑ Culvert ﹑ Tunnel ﹑ dam construction ﹑ power station inside and outside renovation works, etc., can also be used for the erection of various performances stage, ﹑, stands, Scaffolding System temporary advertising racks and so on.

Second, the efficiency of the scaffold system is high: flexible, rapid disassembly, without screws, achieved a multiplier efficiency. Lift, disassemble and transport and facilitate.

Third, the scaffold is economical and practical, low cost, Scaffolding System small footprint and long use time. If it is well maintained, it can be reused more than 30 times.

Finally, the scaffold system is safe and reliable, the joint self-locking ability is good, the series standardization. Good overall performance: with pedal plate, parallel frame, buckle wall pipe, horizontal and cross lever pipe, such as vertical and horizontal locking device. Reasonable BEARING force: the vertical pipe directly under pressure, the performance indicators to meet the construction needs. Good fire performance, Scaffolding System all the main frame and accessories are steel products.

Scaffold system should be completed after the completion of inspection and acceptance of the following standards: Scaffold system Erection Quality inspection and acceptance provisions

The frame structure conforms to the requirement of the construction plan, the size change of individual parts should be within the allowable adjustment range, and the node secure connection is reliable. The tightening degree of the fastener should be controlled in torsion torque to 40N. m~60n. m, all welding parts should be reliable, embedded parts should be in accordance with the design requirements, with sufficient strength, Scaffolding System the wire rope joint connection should be reliable;

Vertical bar should be less than ±300, and the maximum vertical deviation value should be controlled at the same time 75rnrn; the horizontal deviation of the longitudinal horizontal bar of the scaffold should be less than 1/250. and the horizontal deviation value of the whole length is not less than 50mm, Scaffolding System the work layer plank, the safety protection and so on should conform to the related request; The scaffold system acceptance and the daily inspection should carry on regularly, after the inspection is qualified, the party is allowed to put into use or continue to use. 

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