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Pipe Fittings Are Widely Used
Aug 30, 2017

Pipe fittings It is mainly in the pipeline system to connect, control, change to, shunt, seal, support and other components of the general designation, under normal circumstances according to the connection method can be divided into socket-type pipe fittings, threaded pipe fittings, flange fittings and welded pipe fittings four categories. It is made of the same material as the pipe.

Pipe fittings It's very widely used, whether it is in life, or industry in many occasions will be used to pipe fittings, the general different fittings it has different applications, usually the case pipe is made of cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, Argon Luo lek, PVC, PPR, Pipe Fittings RFPP and other materials made.

Because of the wide application of pipe fittings, Pipe Fittings there is a clear international preparation for pipe fittings, such as: flange standard can be summed up as two different, and can not be interchangeable pipe flange system: A German-represented European pipe flange system;

Pipe fittings play a role in changing direction, changing elevation or changing diameter, closing the end of pipe, and leading to the branch pipe. In the petrochemical plant pipeline varieties, pipe system complex, different shapes, Jianfan unequal, the use of pipe varieties, materials, Pipe Fittings quantity is also a lot, the selection of factors to be considered is also complex.

Pipe fittings are commonly used in dn≥50mm piping, widely used in flammable, combustible medium, and high temperature, pressure parameters of other media pipeline. Pipe fittings than other connecting way of the pipe connection securely, construction convenience, price, no leakage point. The wall thickness level of the pipe is indicated by the pipe table number commonly used pipe table number for Sch40, SCH80, pipe fittings, pipe fittings should be the same as the pipe table number, that is, pipe and pipe strength (rather than the wall thickness), only the end of the pipe wall thickness and pipe wall thickness.

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