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Identification Method Of Steel Tube
Sep 11, 2017

As the main steel pipe, steel pipe is widely used in our daily life. The transportation of petroleum and natural gas, the construction of building structure network, the manufacture of highway bridges and other fields, it can be said that the steel pipe not only reduces the weight of the stent, Steel Pipe save the building materials, but also make it more and more simple.

Steel tube, as the name implies, is made of steel pipe, commonly used A3 steel, suitable for conveying water, compressed gas, condensed water and other media and used as heating pipe. At present, the common pipe in the market mainly consists of steel pipe and seamless steel pipe.

by material

Steel pipe quality (i.e. steel) can be divided into: Carbon tube and alloy tube, Steel Pipe stainless steel pipe.

Carbon tube can be divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe and high quality carbon structure pipe.

Alloy tube can be divided into: low alloy tube, alloy structure pipe, high alloy pipe, high-strength pipe. Bearing tubes, heat-resistant acid-proof pipe, precision alloy (such as cutting alloy) tubes and high-temperature alloy tubes.

Type by connection

The pipe ends can be divided into two types: Light tube (pipe end without thread) and car wire pipe (with thread in pipe end).

Car wire tube is divided into: common car wire and pipe end thickening car wire.

Thickened car wire tube can be divided into: external thickening (with external thread), internal thickening (with internal thread) and internal and external thickening (with internal and external thread), Steel Pipe such as car wire pipe.

If the screw thread type can also be divided into: ordinary cylindrical or conical thread and special thread, such as car wire pipe.

In addition, according to user needs, Steel Pipe the car wire pipe is generally equipped with pipe joint delivery.

by coating characteristics

The surface coating characteristics of steel tube can be divided into: clarinet (not coated) and coated tube.

Steel pipe Identification

1. The shoddy steel tube easily appears folds. Folding is a kind of line formed on the surface of the steel tube, which often runs through the longitudinal of the product. Steel Pipe The cause of the folding is due to the pursuit of high efficiency of shoddy manufacturers, the amount of pressure under the large, the production of Rzi, Steel Pipe the next rolling on the production of folding, folding products will crack after bending, the strength of the steel is greatly reduced.

2. The appearance of shoddy steel pipe often has pock phenomenon. The Pock is a defect in the uneven surface irregularities caused by the abrasion of the grooves in the steel. Because of shoddy steel pipe manufacturers to pursue profits, Steel Pipe often rolling trough rolling the most standard.

3. The surface of shoddy steel pipe easily produces scar. The reasons are two points: (1). Shoddy steel pipe material is not uniform, many impurities. (2). Shoddy materials manufacturers guide equipment is simple, easy to stick steel, these impurities bite people roll after easy to produce scar. 4. Steel Pipe Fake and shoddy material surface prone to crack, because its billet is Adobe, Adobe pores, adobe in the process of cooling due to the role of thermal stress, resulting in cracks, after rolling there are cracks. 5. Shoddy steel pipe easy to scrape, because shoddy steel pipe factory equipment, easy to produce burrs, scratches the surface of steel. Steel Pipe Deep scratches reduce the strength of the steel. 6. Shoddy steel pipe without metallic luster, pale red or similar to the color of pig iron, for 2.2, its billet is Adobe. 2, shoddy rolling temperature is not standard, their steel temperature is through visual inspection, so that can not be specified in the Austenite area for rolling, the performance of steel is naturally unable to meet the standards. 7. Shoddy steel pipe thin and low, often appear filled with dissatisfaction, Steel Pipe the reason is that manufacturers to achieve a large negative tolerance, the first few lines of the product under the pressure of large, iron-type small, hole-type filled with dissatisfaction. 8. Shoddy steel pipe cross-section oval, the reason is the manufacturers in order to save materials, finished roll before the pressure of the side of the volume is large, the strength of this thread of steel is greatly reduced, but also does not meet the standard rebar shape size. 9. High-quality steel ingredients uniform, cold shearing machine tonnage high, cutting head smooth and neat, and shoddy materials due to poor quality, cutting the end of the face will often have the phenomenon of meat, that is uneven, Steel Pipe and no metallic luster. And because of shoddy products manufacturers cut less, head and tail will appear big Rzi.

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