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How To Increase The Stability Of The Spiral Pipe
Jan 17, 2017

First, small and medium sections, wire rod, steel, diameter steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, and so on, can be stored in a well-ventilated shed, but it must be under the thatch on pads.

Second, small, thin steel plates, steel, silicon steel, small or thin-walled steel tubes, cold-rolled and cold-drawn steel and high prices, corrosive metal products, can be stored in storage.

Three, storage or warehouse space spiral steel pipe products, should choose a clean, unobstructed drainage where factories away from the harmful gases or dusts. To clear weeds and debris at the site, keep the steel clean.

Four large sections, Rails, insult plate, large-diameter steel tubes, forgings, air storage.

Five, in the warehouse not with acid, alkali and salt erosion of steel, cement and other materials stacked together. Different varieties of steel products should be piled separately to prevent confusion and to prevent contact corrosion.

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