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Flexible Scaffold Pipe Erection
Aug 18, 2017

The scaffold tube classifies according to the centralized classification way, may divide into: the seamless steel tube and has the seam steel pipe, has the seam steel tube to be short for the straight seam steel tube, the carbon tube and the alloy tube, the stainless steel tube and so on Seamless steel tube wall thickness are: 2.146, 2.589, 2.885, 3.107, 3.477, 3.773, 3.995, 4.217, 4.476, 4.809 and so on. Scaffold tubes are used not only in the manufacture of building structure grids, pillars and mechanical supports. It can be said that the steel pipe not only reduces the weight of the stent, save the building materials, Scaffolding Pipe but also make the construction more and more simple.

The scaffold tube wall thickness model has its characteristic, each type uses in calculates the theoretical weight to have the standard computation method, for example square rectangular steel tube theory weight computation formula, per meter weight unit:/(kg/m) and lb/ft (lb/ft). Commonly used rectangular tube calculation formula is: (long width) x2÷3.14-Thickness x thickness x0.02466=/. Therefore, Scaffolding Pipe in the cost of purchase this is also within the scope of use, according to the calculated weight given the price, and the use of the scaffold tube has a certain weight comparison.

Scaffold Tube has many kinds of specifications, according to the diameter can be divided into: φ 3.0, φ 2.75, φ 3.25, φ 2.5.

Length also has a variety of specifications: 1 to 6 meters a half meters a specification, Scaffolding Pipe can be in accordance with customer requirements specifications processing.

The thickness is generally 2.4--2.7 mm, and the diameter is 48 mm.

The surface is generally not treated, individually painted antirust paint.

The Scaffold tube material is: Q195, Q215 or Q235.

Scaffold Pipe implementation standards are: Sy/t5768-95 and gb/t3091-2001.

The advantages of the scaffold tube are:

1) The bearing capacity is larger. When the geometrical dimension and the construction of the scaffold conform to the relevant requirements of the specification, the bearing capacity of the single pipe column of the scaffold can reach 15kn~35kn (1) in general. 5tf~3. 5TF, design value).

2) easy to install and dismantle, flexible erection. Because the length of the steel tube is easy to adjust and the fastener is easy to connect, it can be adapted to various planes, facades of buildings and structures with scaffolding.

3) More economical. Processing is simple, Scaffolding Pipe the cost of one investment is lower; if the scaffold geometry is carefully designed and the working rate of the steel pipe is improved, the material dosage can also achieve better economic effect. The steel pipe frame of fastener is equivalent to 15 kg per square metre.

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