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Fittings Are Parts That Change The Direction Of The Tube
Sep 30, 2017


A pipe is a part that connects a pipe into a pipe. According to the connection method can be divided into socket-type pipe fittings, threaded fittings, flange fittings and welded pipe four categories. Use the same material as the tube. Elbow (elbow), flange, three-way tube, four-way tube (cross head) and reducer (size head) and so on. The parts used to connect the pipe to the tube, connected to the pipe end, Pipe Fittings the three-way pipe is used for the collection of three pipes; the four-way pipe is used for the four pipe collection areas; The pipe is used for the connection of two pipes of different diameters.

The use of pipe fittings is classified as follows:

1, for the pipe connected to the tube are: flange, live access, pipe hoop, card sets, Pipe Fittings hose clamp and other three links

2, change the tube direction of the pipe: elbow, elbow

3, to change the tube diameter pipe fittings: variable diameter (different diameter tube), reducer elbow, pipe support, reinforcement

4, increase the pipe branch of the pipe: three links, four links

5, for the pipeline seal of the pipe: gasket, raw material with, linen, flange blind plate, pipe block, blind plate, head

6, for pipe fixed pipe: clasp, drag hook, rings, brackets, brackets, pipe cards, etc.

Fittings are generally used for pipes with DN ≥ 50mm, widely used in flammable, combustible media, and other medium pipes with high temperature and pressure parameters. Fittings are more secure than other fittings, and the construction is convenient, the price is not leaked. Pipe wall thickness level with pipe table number shows that the commonly used pipe table number Sch40, Sch80, the choice of pipe fittings, pipe fittings should be connected with the pipe of the same pipe number, that is, pipe and pipe strength (rather than equal wall thickness) , Only the wall thickness of the pipe end is the same as the wall thickness of the tube.

 The use and type of fittings

(Referred to as the welded pipe fittings), socket welded pipe fittings (referred to as socket welded pipe fittings), threaded pipe fittings (referred to as threaded pipe fittings), Pipe Fittings flange fittings and other pipe fittings, pipe fittings, pipe fittings, Pipe fittings.

Pressure pipe design, commonly used welded pipe fittings, pipe support, socket welding and threaded pipe fittings in the form. Flange fittings for special occasions, Pipe Fittings the use of the range and the number is relatively small. When necessary, according to "steel flange fittings" (GB / T17185) provisions of the selection.

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