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Coupler Improves Speed And Speed Performance
Oct 17, 2017

The coupler is also called an adaptor. An adapter is an interface converter that can be an independent hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces or an information interface. For example: Power adapter, tripod base transfer components, USB and serial port transfer equipment.

Coupler is a collectively, Coupler industrial field used as a power plant connection and conversion, the role is to improve the speed and speed of performance, the computer as an adapter for data and information exchange and processing, usually hardware.

The main function of the coupler is to separate the power, Coupler which is named by the size of the coupling port.


In the microwave system, it is often necessary to divide the microwave power into several ways, which is the power allocation problem. The component that realizes this function is called the Power distribution component namely coupler, mainly include: directional coupler, power distributor and various microwave branch devices.

The coupler is an electrical one-light and one-electric conversion device which transmits electrical signals with light as the medium. It consists of two parts, Coupler the luminous source and the light emitting device. The luminous source and the light emitting device are assembled in the same airtight shell and isolated from each other with transparent insulators. The pin of the source is the input, the receiver of the light is the output end, the common light-emitting diode, the light device is photodiode, photosensitive transistor and so on. Coupler There are many kinds of couplers, such as photodiode type, photoelectric transistor type, photosensitive resistor type, optically controlled thyristor type, photoelectric Darlington type, integrated circuit type, etc.

The effect of the coupler is to divide the signal unevenly into 2 points (

Called the backbone end and the coupling end, also known as the straight end and the coupling end, there are many models,

Mainly used in the trunk. The role of the dry-release device is to enlarge the signal, Coupler increase the coverage distance and coverage area, mainly used in the signal end, the signal needs to be increased.

The function of the coupler is to divide the signal into 2 points (called the backbone end and the coupling end, also known as the straight end and the coupling end).

Category: Coupler models are more like 5 db, DB, DB, DB, DB, DB, etc.

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