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Corrosion Resistance Of Pipe Fittings
Sep 11, 2017

Features of pipe fittings:

1. Pipe fittings Environmental protection. The environmental protection of pipe fittings can be analyzed from two aspects, one is that it can be fully recycled after use, two times use, will not add unnecessary waste to society. The second is that it has no pollution to the water, no harm, using pipe fittings as water pipes will not bring any pollution, can reach the national standard of direct drinking water, Pipe Fittings can be directly for people to eat.

2. Pipe fittings Save water resources. Some water supply pipeline material is not many, in the use process because of a variety of reasons will appear seepage leakage phenomenon, long-term down not only on water resources is a waste, Pipe Fittings but also to add to the user repair and replacement trouble. Pipe fittings greatly reduce the water supply pipeline under the influence of the possibility of leakage under external forces, so as to save the resources.

3. Reduce costs. The tubing has a lot of advantages, good corrosion resistance, high temperature, high strength, generally speaking, in many environments the use of its life is relatively long, pipe fittings of the inner wall is still smooth, such as new, Pipe Fittings low cost of transportation, saving costs, is the current market transportation of the lowest cost of water pipe materials.

4. Pipe fittings reduce heat loss. The insulation property of stainless steel water pipe material is 24 times times of that of copper material, which greatly saves geothermal energy loss in hot water transportation.

Pipe fittings are also called pipe fittings, connectors, joint parts and so on. Pipes in various piping systems are connected with different joint fittings to form a pipe steel.

The fittings are made of malleable iron and are connected with the pipe by thread (wire clasp). Pipe Fittings The working pressure is within 0 1Mpa. Its appearance is characterized by the end with thick edges.

Four-pass, used for pipe-pass vertical cross junction, Pipe Fittings different diameter four-pass, in the pipeline vertical connection two small diameter of the branch pipe when use; complementary heart also known as internal and external wire, internal and external diameter, inside the wire small, external silk large, external wire and other fittings connected, the wire directly connected to the pipe, for the pipeline of the variable-diameter junction; Pipe Fittings external screw short joint, used to connect two adjacent pipe fittings The pipe short joint which is commonly used in lathe is replaced by a very short joint, which is called the Wire; plug head for the outer thread, used to block the hole of the pipe fittings, the movable joint, by the two can clasp each other pipe joint, the mother and connecting the public mouth, the mother of the sleeve of the mother, phase buckle part with a rubber pad or asbestos paper cushion to avoid leakage, The movable joint is used in the tubing to connect the same diameter pipe, which means that the pipe can be disassembled without turning the pipe.

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