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Scaffold use requirements
Jan 17, 2017

1, the erection of high-rise scaffolding, used material must comply with quality requirements.

2, high-rise scaffolding must be firm, calculated before erection to meet load requirements, erection and construction norms, proper drainage measures.

3, technical requirements of scaffold shall conform to the relevant specifications.

4, must pay attention to all kinds of measures: scissors, pull the knot shall be set according to the requirements.

Level 5, closed: from the first step, every step or two step, wall-to-wall scaffold or scaffold BA, scaffold to laying along the long, overlapping joints should be set aside in a small bar, no short Board. And in pole and wall once every four steps between Commission long security heads at the end of it.

6, and vertical closed: from second step to fifth step, each step are needed out row state rod in side set 1.00m high of protection sample railing and block feet or established network, protection rod (network) and State Rod buckle prison; fifth step above except set protection stopped Rod outside, should all set security Barbara or security state network; in street or residents intensive district, is from second step up, outside side all set security Barbara or security state network.

7, the scaffold should be higher than the tops of buildings or action 1.5M above, and add support.

8, completed construction of the scaffold steel pipe, fasteners, scaffold, and connection points should not be removed. Construction, if necessary, must be approved by the site owner agrees, and take effective measures, after the operation is finished, immediately resumed.

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